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If you’re here to download the iOS themes I created, view this link.

Those themes were intended for iOS 6. If someone ports them onto a newer iOS version I am perfectly fine with it, but I will not offer any support.

23 thoughts on “iOS Themes

  1. Jesse

    Hey Mr.Muff what are your plans for iOS7 ? Im a fan of your themes and always makes sure to download your repo right after I install cydia on my iDevice please reply 🙂

    1. Jason

      His themes can be accessed by his repo combined with a program called Cydget. He placed Cydget Themes in his repo that are the same as his regular Winterboard themes.

  2. Arron C

    He I have a little question how can i get the rising bars working on cydia ios 7 version?
    Because it doesn’t changea thing on my screen.

  3. Hatim

    To Patrick,

    Please consider updating your lockscreen themes to iOS 7. They’d fit in perfectly with the rest of iOS 7 better than the stock lockscreen. thank you!

  4. kevin herrera

    wow with only 20 years old you have make really cool jobs… your lock screen are my favorites… can’t wait for the update on iOS 7

  5. Some Punk

    What’s the deal with the Cydgets? I tried them, but nothing shows up, the screen just sort of stays blurred. The built in ones (welcome and awayview) work just fine. I’m assuming I installed something wrong, was there a third package needed for this?

  6. Sam

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have tried adding you repo into cydia but it was told me that ‘some index files failed to download, they may have been ignored, or old ones used.’ Also I dont have any packages, I can only assume to two problems are connected.
    Can you help at all?

  7. Rares

    What’s happend with the repo doesen’t work i have ios 7.1.2 pangu jailbreak. I need so much rising bars!! I love it

  8. Mike

    Hey there, could you take a look at your cydia repo? Looks like it’s down and you’ve got some good stuff on there.

  9. David Keirstead

    I get a list of your apps on Cydia but 404 while trying to install. Is your Repo down?

  10. hermes wings

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Bless you!

  11. Roberto Llamas

    Mr. Muff, we need a reply! Is your repo down? I was obsed with dslk-typo5 and i can’t get it anymore. Please help us.

  12. Jazz

    Hey what happen to your cydia repo I have 7.1.2 and it’s not working I hope you fix it soon I love your themes waiting patiently

  13. Lachlan MacPhee

    I tried the repo URL like this: and it worked!
    Don’t do add the forward slash at the end

  14. George Reed

    Hey man cool stuff, I got your repo just wanted to know how to get the custom slider to work cause mine isn’t showing up??

  15. Florent

    I just installed this wonderful LS on my iPhone 6.
    Works great except that I lose the rising bars with each notification. Then afterwards they reappear normally.
    Someone could help me with that?



    1. iFox

      open with iFile, System/Library/LockCydgets/RisingBars.cydget, and change in info.plist NotificationList from NO to YES.


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