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How to win the game 2048

Here is the strategy I used to beat the popular 2048 game. It is not a guaranteed win, but I have achieved multiple scores over 10’000 points and won two times.

Tile Movement

It is very important to never use all 4 directions in one game. Choose 3 directions and only use these. I always go for left, up and right, meaning I never press down.


Most guides will tell you to choose a corner and try to hold your biggest tile there. This will most likely fail, so try to always keep the biggest tiles on top of your board. After around 5000 points you should avoid having a 2 or 4 in your top two rows, because you just can’t combine them with a 128 (or a bigger tile of course) any time soon.


As soon as you have a 1024 and two 512 tiles everything I said above becomes irrelevant and you should try to combine those to a 2048, therefore winning the game.

Now there is an algorithm that has a 90% win rate, programmed by the creator of 2048, Gabriele Cirulli. You can check out the 2048 AI here and a Stackoverflow question regarding this issue here.